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How to Lose Back Fat

Question: Great Site!! I have lost 20 lbs. I feel great! I still have some fat on my sides, and on my back. I have been lifting weights to strengthen that area for about 6 weeks. No major difference. A friend recommended using 10 lb weights for my back. Is that true? It seems like those areas are so hard to lose from!! Why is that? I follow a low fat diet. I do consume lots of refined carbs-bagels, bread, etc. Should I cut back to see results? Gina

Answer: Gina, The amount of weight to use depends on which exercise you're doing. The proper amount of weight would be the highest weight you can lift for 10-12 repetitions with the last few being very difficult, but allowing you to maintain proper form. This weight should progressively move up as you get stronger. Continue your consistent cardio and try cutting out the bagels and refined breads to burn off your last bits of fat. Whole grain breads are better for you because they provide more complete nutrition and the sugars from the bread enter your blood stream at a much slower rate.

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