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How to Lose Fat from Hips and Thighs

Question: Jana, I'm a 5'8" 150 lb 21 yr old female. I recently lost 25 lbs, and love how I look. But the "fat" that hangs on is on my hips and upper thighs. I run 3-4 miles 6 days/week, weight train 3-4 days/week (includes leg extensions, curls, adductions, abductions, and crunches), stair climb, and step aerobics class 2 days/week. I feel like I'm doing the right things, but see no results. Have any suggestions of things I can add/change in my routine to make a difference? Thanks! Heather

Answer: Dear Heather, Add upper body to your weight training, so that you're doing a full-body workout. This will increase the amount of calories your body needs daily. Also, start doing interval training: in your cardio session, you have spurts of higher intensity segments. This will increase your current fitness level and allow you to increase the intensity of your workouts generally. Just keep up the good work and it will come in time.

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