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How to Lose Stomach after Hysterectomy

Question: I'm 55 F who has started weight training and recumbent biking (stationary), I'm interested in tightening my stomach around the belly button...the problem is I've had a hysterectomy about 25 yrs ago and they cut me horizontally in the lower ab area...no matter what I've done to tighten the tummy I can't seem to lose the pot effect...how can I get rid of my basketball tummy? Thanks.

Answer: It's hard to say for sure what you should do on a forum since I can't evaluate your structure. The only thing I know for sure to tell you is to keep up the biking consistently. Make sure you're eating healthy foods. I would recommend starting a yoga class. You will probably find that simply re-aligning your structure will help you use your musculature properly, which will make your body feel more balanced, lined up, and strong.

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