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How to Lose Weight from Bottom and Thighs

Question: I love your sight, alot of great tips. Just a few ?'s I have been wanting to ask someone for a while. I have recently joined (3 weeks ago)Weight Watches and have been walking 30-40 minutes 4-5 times a week for this time. My problem is that i have not lost any weight, although I feel good, the fat doesn't seem to be going anywhere. A friend told me that i could be gaining muscle rather than losing fat, is this right? Is this why the scales have not changed? Is it possible to lose the fat first then gain muscle? I have a large bottom and large thighs that I wish to get rid of, is walking enough to get rid of the fat or should I be doing more? I am 27, am 154cm tall and weigh 66kg I have been big all my life and desparately want to lose 6-10kg. Please help me.

Answer: Be patient with the scale. I always say "go by how you feel", but I know you have to weigh in at WW, so it's hard to ignore the lack of progress. Two hints I will give you about WW: - Measure your portions carefully. WW is a great guideline to teach you about appropriate portions, and eventually someday you won't need to measure, but at first it helps. - Use your food diary. Think of it as being fun instead of a pain. Your exercise plan sounds good. Consistency is what will help you reach your goals. Do it because of how good it makes you feel (not thinking about "losing weight"), and your weight will gradually fall off as a side effect.

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