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How to Lose Weight Pear Shape

Question: I have been trying to lose weight. I was 125 pounds and now I am 140. I have been running and doing taebo and eating healthy. I am 24 and I wondering why I haven't seen any results over the past month. I had been on a similar program after college and I went from 160 to 120. So I am trying to figure out what is going on now. My body seems to be taking a pear shape. Help because my clothes don't fit and I don't know what to do. Sheila

Answer: Dear Sheila, Since I don't know the specific program you went on after college to lose such a drastic amount of weight, it's hard for me to say for sure what's happening now. My guess is that you were on a low carbohydrate diet and now you're back to eating like you were before the diet. Many people, after going on such a diet, gain the weight back at a higher percentage because of the loss of lean mass, as well as fat loss. My suggestion to you, if this is what has happened, is to find a group, such as Weight Watchers, which can give you a healthy eating plan and keep you motivated by weekly weigh-ins and meetings. But first, you should see a physician to make sure everything is OK.

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