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How to Motivate Someone to Exercise

Question: When I met my wife in college, we would ride our bikes alot. Since leaving college, I have continued to exercise at the gym, but she has become a very career oriented person, and doesn't prioritize execise and nutrition. I know it needs to be her decision, but do you have any suggestions on how to motivate her into a more active lifestyle again in a non-threatening manner? Frustrated

Answer: Frustrated, It's really hard to motivate someone else to exercise (most people have enough trouble motivating themselves!). People don't like to be told they need to partake in any activity, especially exercise, and especially by their spouse (just ask my husband). These things take craftiness and thoughtfulness: Maybe you could remind her of how much fun you two had together riding bikes by planning a day of fun activities to do together (which would include a bike ride among other things she likes, too). The two of you could get back into it without it being threatening to her.

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