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How to Strengthen Lower Stomach Muscles

Question: I need to how to strengthen the lowest muscles in your stomach. I have the first 4 of a "6 pack," but can not get the remaining 2. I am female. Carrie

Answer: Carrie, Be aware of maintaining good posture not just when you work out, but all the time, keeping the strength in your abdominal muscles balanced between "upper" and "lower." Here is a good exercise: super-slow bicycle crunches. alternating your elbows to the opposite knee one at a time while holding the leg that's straight out as close to the ground as possible without touching. Take a full five seconds for each rep. Be sure to pull your lower abs down toward your spine without letting them relax. Another good lower abdominal exercise is reverse crunches holding a Flexi-ball behind your knees. Keep up your cardio. It's the most important part in helping to reveal those lower abs. But be aware that women naturally need a higher percentage of body fat to be healthy. "Six-pack" abs can often be an indication of too-low body fat percentage.

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