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How to Use Gym Time Effectively

Question: Jana, I'm 19, 165 lbs, 70" tall, and I work out at the gym. Month 1, I saw great results. Month 2, I slacked off, and gained back the weight. This is month 3; I've stopped slacking. I do 30+ min on the glider/bikes & 30+ min of weights, 4 days a week. I'm getting quite strong, but I'm not loosing inches. How can I improve; how do I use my gym time more efficiently? Michelle =^.^=

Answer: Dear Michelle, The amount of time you're spending in the gym is great, given the amount of time you're at work. Keep it up for sure! Even though you're exercising enough, you still need to watch your caloric intake, because if you eat more than you burn (3,500 calories = 1 pound), then no matter how much you exercise, fat will still be stored.

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