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Intermittent Fasting Good or Bad

Question: I've heard that it's a good idea to do intermittent fasting for a few days every month to clean out your body. What would be the correct way to go about that? Should I drink juices, if so, what kind and how much? How many days do you recommend not eating? Is it a good idea to drink a couple glasses of prune juice every day to have a regular bowel movement? thank you

Answer: Dear thank you, Cleaning out your body is a great idea. A good way to do this is to eat a diet high in fiber and drink lots of water -- not only a couple days out of the month, but all the time. This will keep your system flowing so you won't need to de-clog it once a month. Prune juice is one great source of fiber. I wouldn't recommend fasting, though. Not only is it uncomfortable, it may be dangerous. Check with your physician before starting any fast.

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