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Is Fruit a Good Source of Fiber

Question: Great website! I have a few questions for you: 1. Are peaches a good source of fiber? How many should I eat a day/ how many grams of fiber does one peach contain? 2. Are pears a good source of fiber? how many should I eat a day/ how many grams of fiber does one peach contain? 3. Is it a good idea to eat them together or separately? 4. Is there a list of foods with fiber somewhere that I could get a hold of? Thank you very much, mt

Answer: mt, Peaches have about 2 grams of fiber. Pears have a little bit more: about 6 grams each. The USRDA for fiber is 20-35 grams daily. Mangoes and papayas are better as far as the fruit food group goes with 7 and 5 grams of fiber, respectively. Eating them together or separately doesn't matter. If your goal is getting enough fiber, fruit isn't the best source. Legumes have the highest amount of fiber per portion among food groups, but you can get more fiber per calorie consumed from vegetables. For example, broccoli gives you 6 grams per spear in only 42 calories. Check your local bookstore's nutrition area for one of the many books that list food contents.

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