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Is it Bad to Have Sugar After a Workout

Question: I am a 19-year-old male and am very fit at the moment. I have just started an exercise program where I jog 30 seconds then sprint 30 seconds for 4 minutes and gradually increase it by one minute every 2 days. I do this first thing in the morning with L-Carnitine. I have read that this system is far superior in fat loss and building aerobic and anaerobic capacity and won't decrease your muscle size. Do you agree with this? Is it beneficial to consume sugar after a work out? Damien

Answer: Damien, This system is fine. Try increasing your intervals to a 1:2 ratio -- after a 5-minute warmup, run hard for one minute then walk or jog very lightly for two. I don't recommend supplements. If you're eating a balanced diet, you're getting all you need. Sugar after workouts doesn't hurt you, but it doesn't really do much but add extra calories. A regular meal whenever you get hungry is the best rule to live by.

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