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Is It OK to Workout During your Period

Question: Great website! I've read all of your Q&A section. I'm 25, 5'6", weight 120 lbs. I've just started working out two weeks ago. Please help. 1) Is it okay for me to work out/lift weights when I'm having my period? 2) I'm trying to gain a couple lbs and get lean. I would like to take supplements and increase my calorie intake. Please tell me what is the best power drink/supplement. 3) What is the secret to a nice lean butt? Jas

Answer: Jas, 1) Working out when you're on your period is fine, as long as you feel OK. Always listen to your body and if you feel too awful, don't worry about taking a couple of days off. 2) I don't recommend taking supplements. Instead, increase your caloric intake by consuming an extra serving of fruits, vegetables and lean protein (and keep up the weight training). 3) Hill running, lunging correctly, and step-ups, to name a few..

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