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Is Swimming a Good Way to Lose Fat

Question: I am attempting to drop a few pounds, 7 - 10 and lose my beer belly, I have accomplished this before by dieting and swimming alone, but my best friend's trainer tells her that swimming is not that effective of a cardio workout. Do you agree? Quickread

Answer: Quickread, Swimming is one of the best cardio workouts, but it's a little harder to get your heart rate as high when compared to running because you're in a prone position, your weight is supported by the water, and the coolness of the water lowers your body temperature. However, you use much more upper body in the workout, making it a more complete cardio workout than many alternatives and, if you're working out in the right heart rate zone, swimming can burn as much fat as higher intensity workouts (your target heart rate is 10 bpm faster than running, for example). Also, swimming is a non-impact exercise, reducing the likelihood of injuries. And, pushing against the water makes it a resistance workout so you're actually strengthening the muscles, as opposed to other workouts out of the water.

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