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Keep Track of Fitness Progress

Improving your fitness sometimes means making changes in several areas in your life. Itís easy to be so focused on eating healthily that you forget the cardio workouts that were once so important or the stretching routine that made you limber once upon a time.

Keeping track of the changes you make will remind you to be consistent. It can also be a source of motivation to continue your progression toward your goals.

The time it takes to make progress is discouraging in this microwave-speed society. It wonít happen overnight. Record-keeping is one way to see progress in yourself before the mirror has time to give you any feedback.

Keep these records for 6 weeks. By then, your lifestyle changes will have become part of your daily routine.

A food diary is helpful in planning what youíre going to eat and figuring out which foods satisfy you. Write what youíre going to eat before you eat it, and youíll be less likely to eat unhealthy foods and unnecessary quantities.

A cardio schedule will help motivate you out the door. Plan what time youíre going to exercise and stick to it. Give yourself a checkmark when youíve finished. At the end of the week, the line of checkmarks can give you the satisfaction of knowing youíre making the steps that will improve your health if youíre consistent. A good place to keep this record is on a calendar in the kitchen.

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