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Lifting Weights with High Blood Pressure

Question: Great site!!! I am a 28 year old female taking medication to control high blood pressure. I weigh 180lbs and am 5'9" tall. I work out around 4 to 5 days a week, 30+ minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weight training. I love weight training and the results I see, but I have been told that if you have high blood pressure you should not lift weights. My doctor has no opinion on the subject. HELP!!!! tcz

Answer: tcz, Your doctor should know this stuff. But in my opinion, lifting weights is safe, but in order to keep your blood pressure down, remember to breathe correctly. Exhale on the exertion. When you're doing the "work" of the exercise (shortening the muscle), exhale, and when you're releasing the contraction (lengthening), inhale, filling your lungs full. This will help keep your blood pressure down.

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