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Losing Pull Up Strength

Question: I am in the 2nd week of a new exercise program, cardio workouts & upperbody (push ups, pull ups) . Upperbody is every other day. After the last 2 pull up sessions, I have lost strength in the upper arm muscle in my right arm. It becomes very weak and doesn't do what I want it to do. It takes some time to recover. Is this a sign of too much too soon? This is the first time in many years that I have attempted to follow a consistent exercise regimen. Carol

Answer: Carol, The pull ups you're doing are probably too strenuous and too advanced for a beginning program. Instead, try doing lat pulldowns in the gym with a light weight. This performs the same motion, but doesn't use your full body weight. The pushups you're doing might also be hurting your upper arm (or shoulder). Instead of doing them on the floor, push up at a slant using a table or a chair and then progress to a more horizontal position as your get stronger.

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