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Losing Weight but Hips Getting Bigger

Question: Hi, I am a 5'5 female,136 lbs. My concern is that I have been on a consistent weight training program for 2 years with cardio 5-6 days a week. My hips have increased by 2 inches with everything else staying the same. My body fat is down from 29% to 21% and have gained about 6-7 pounds of muscle. My diet has just been improved recently after keeping a food diary. Half of my total calories came from fat. Now it's down to 20%. Any suggestions on how to slim down? Thank you. Krysalis

Answer: Krysalis, Since you've just recently changed your diet, keep that up and see what happens. That would have been my first suggestion, but you did it on your own anyway! The food diary is key: keep tracking it to help keep the fat intake, and overall calorie intake at the right level. Try lowering the amount of weight and increase the number of repetitions with any squats or leg press exercises to slim your hips.

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