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Lost Weight then Gained it Back

Question: I went on a diet in August and managed to lose about 15 lbs before Oct. I went on a trip to Ohio in Oct and my diet totally messed up. I gained all the weight back. It's very depressing. I've been trying to lose the weight since I got back, and I can't seem to get up the motivation that I need. I can't seem to get myself under control. I really need some help. Is there any advice you could give me? Thank you depressed

Answer: Depressed, These are typical low-carbohydrate diet results. Your best bet is to go to Weight Watchers for a more sensible eating plan that you can do at home, on vacation, anywhere, because it doesn't restrict the things that you can eat. The education and the results you get from seriously doing their program will also last for life, not just a month.

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