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Measurements for Height and Weight

Question: Hi, I'm 5'6" and weigh around 127/130. My weight bounces back and forth. My concerns are my thighs and hips I feel they have gotten bigger. My size in clothing hasn't really changed but I don't like what a I see in the mirror. Could you tell me what a woman's body measurements should be for my height? I used to weigh 120/125lbs. two years ago and I don't think my measurements were this big. Hope to hear from you soon, Vicki

Answer: Hi Vicky, Your weight sounds good for your height. You're noticing changes which are natural in women's bodies as they age - your metabolism slows down by 5% for every decade after 20 years of age. So if you aren't on an exercise program, begin one and stay at it consistently as a part of your daily routine. You'll keep your metabolism much higher by keeping your muscles strong and lean. Include full-body strength training and cardiovascular training as well. Have fun at it too!

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