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Mesomorph Female Workout and Diet

Question: My workout: 4 mile run & 30 minutes of 1 of the following: smaster/elyptical trnr/stair mill/recumbent bike. Abs and weight training: Chest/Tris; back/bis; legs; shldrs/calves. (I'm a mesomorph). My upper body is very toned, some visible muscle not too bulky. How can I get my lower body to match? My stomach shrinks down to nothing to the point I almost feel sick) before I hit the small problem areas that I have (glutes, saddle bag area). I am 5'5" and weigh 124. Help! Theresa

Answer: Theresa, Being a mesomorph, and a female, your body type will dictate your body shape. It sounds like you're doing all the right stuff, just stick with it and make sure you're eating right. Focus more on how you feel than how you think you look, compared to other people.

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