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Muscular Endurance Exercises

Question: I am a bullrider trying to get an exercise program together. I am in need of some good endurance exercises. Thanks for your time and God bless. John

Answer: Dear John, Here are some exercises (in addition to standard treadmills and stairclimber machines) that will help build endurance for your sport: A Versaclimber would be the best exercise (it uses upper and lower body, simulating vigorous ladder climbing). This will increase full-body endurance. Available in many gyms. You can also use an ergometer (like a bicycle for the upper body, using your arms as cranks - also available in most gyms). This will increase upper body endurance. Regarding strength training, building your back and leg muscles is very important. Try the swimming strength training workout in my Articles section (the Sports-Specific workouts) for starters. In addition to the exercises listed here, build quadriceps strength (front of leg) isometrically with wall squats -- with your back to a wall, squat down until your legs form a right angle, as though you're sitting in an invisible chair. Hold this position for 15 seconds, working up to two minutes. Press your heels into the ground for maximum effect. Ride 'em, cowboy!

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