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Naked Cowboy™ Interview
Learn How To Look Good Naked

The Naked Cowboy™ Buff And In The Buff

Q. How did you become the Naked Cowboy™?

A. I won a radio contest in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio and landed myself and my brother a small role on the TV show "Bay Watch".

On August 9, 1997 I went to Paul McCready’s voice studio to practice my singing, from this lesson on, I knew that singing would be a large part of my career.

I flew to Venice Beach on December 23, 1998 and the next day, December 24, I performed for over six hours in jeans, boots, hat, and a flannel shirt. I only made $1.02 for the whole day. My friend Charles Worthington picked me up that afternoon and told me to not give up, and suggested that maybe I try something different. Jokingly he said "Hell, Robert, play in your underwear, that’ll make 'em stop!"

The next day I went back to Venice Beach in my underwear to perform and by the end of the day had a guitar case full of dollar bills and everyone had been taking pictures of me, I even got on the news! My friend Charles picked me up again that afternoon, and on the way home Charles said, "Robert, you have passion, and that’s all it takes to be a singer", he then laughed and said "my little Naked Cowboy™!" There, the name and image of Naked Cowboy™ began.

Q. Divinely Naked, creators of Naked Whey Protein™ referred to "Joining the Naked Revolution". Exactly what is the Naked Revolution and how does one join?

A. It's an internal decision to revolutionize yourself to take a look at who you are and where you want to be. Naked is a metaphor for purity, clarity, transparency and honesty. Break down your life and categorize it into your goals. For example; emotional, spiritual, physical, financial and social goals. The decision to join the Naked Revolution is the decision to live the Naked Lifestyle and to reach your full potential in mind, body and spirit.

Q. How does the Naked Cowboy™ stay in such great shape? Tell us about your workout.

A. As the Naked Cowboy™, I'm working in front of humanity daily in underwear only, my appearance is a vital part of my act. The fact that I have a monopoly (the only serious entertainer in underwear), and that I'm a trademarked original could not possibly serve as an excuse for me to have an average physique. It has been my intention from the start to create a product that could not be duplicated, not only legally, but physically or mentally.

1) Constant and relentless dedication to building cardiovascular density, or put in simpler terms, to do some sort of serious aerobic activity daily. My favorite form of aerobic activity is running. On nearly every morning and night of the week you can expect that I am outside tracking the streets of whatever town I happen to be in.

2) Fascia stretching (extreme stretching between sets while the muscle is pumped which for me is to try and literally come as close as possible to ripping my muscles out of their sockets daily. This I do because I want to be as mobile and injury free and striated as is humanly possible and even beyond.

3) Free weight training / anaerobic training. I make it a point to try and symmetrically sculpt my physique with heavy weight daily. Strength and size are of great importance though I will go for weeks of doing the exact same body parts everyday, doing hundreds of reps per part just to build character without regard for whether or not it makes any sense in a "muscle building" routine. I think it is probably reasonable to say that most would agree that muscles need a specified period of time in which to recover after intense workouts. However, my experience has demonstrated that sometimes what is commonly known to be effective for others is not for me.

Q. What does the Naked Cowboy™ eat? Tell us about your diet.

A. I believe that proper nutrition is the cornerstone of effective results. I have a staple plan which consists of eating white fish, egg whites, chicken breast, turkey breast and both starchy and fibrous vegetables. I eat 6 times per day and have a Naked Whey Protein drink before each small meal. This routine sheds body fat, keeping me fabulously lean while building / maintaining muscle without any complications.

Q. You must have to stay in great shape all the time, what tips do you have for staying lean all year round?

A. I typically & intentionally put on an additional 15 to 20 lbs during the winter by slightly increasing my food intake. I do this as it helps me to handle exposure to the elements better.

Q. Tell us about Naked Whey protein.

A. Naked Whey Protein™ has the highest quality full range, biologically active protein components available in the world. I've taken supplemental protein products for many, many years to improve muscle density, but until I began taking Naked Whey Protein™, I had never noticed increases in stamina, strength, endurance and an immediate improvement in muscle tone and an immediate decrease in body fat. Within a week of taking native whey in the form of Naked Whey Protein™, I was shocked by the completely noticeable improvements and could not believe how much better I felt, overall. I immediately had more strength, less fatigue and longer endurance when exercising. I have no desire to use any other product ever again. No other protein product available today provides the benefits that come from this revolutionary product. Naked Whey Protein™ stands far above any other protein product available today and it tastes great!

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