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Not Eating Meat to Lose Weight

Question: I am interested in giving up meat to lose weight. It seems that when I stop eating meat, weight comes off much quicker. I need to safely lose about 100 pounds and I need a healthy forever diet and exercise plan. I have tried several but have not found something I can honestly stick to. Could you suggest some books, exercise, and healthy cooking? Thank you, brownderella

Answer: Dear brownderella, You shouldn't give up meat just to lose weight. Just give up fatty meats (like sausage and red meats, cheese and pre-packaged anything). The real foods that cause weight to add up and hang on are the simple carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes, rice, sugary foods and sodas. These foods alone aren't THAT bad, but the proper serving size of these are soooo small that you might as well eat lower-density foods you can have larger quantities of, like fresh vegetables, lean meats and certain fruits. You'll be more satiated and you'll feel physically more alert and less weighted down in your stomach. There's a list of portion guidelines for your diet and portion sizes on my site. It will give you a good idea of your best bang for the buck when it comes to deciding what's best to eat. There is no magical diet plan that will do it for you. You simply have to learn what the best choices are and learn to reeeeeally listen to hunger signals. Start now...don't eat anything else until you feel your body calling for it. It may be a few hours, and it may be tomorrow before you feel it. Cold turkey's the best way to do it. You'll be amazed at how much more you enjoy eating when you really need it. Actually, there is a magical thing you can do. Water. Drink at least 8 glasses. Honestly it works better than anything else.

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