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Protein and Calcium without Meat or Milk

Question: I rarely eat meat and am afraid that I am not getting enough protein. What are other healthy foods that are high in protein that I can eat? Also, I rarely drink milk and, as with the protein, am afraid that I am not getting enough calcium . What foods I can eat to get the recommended daily amount of calcium? Lack of protein and calcium.

Answer: Dear Lack, You can get protein by eating complementary carbohydrates (a grain and a legume, e.g. beans and rice). There are also good vegetarian meat substitutes that are actually tasty. Check out your local health food store, and many grocery stores carry them as well (in the lunch meat section). Eggs, beans and nuts are also a great source of protein. There are many fruits and vegetables that have a high calcium content: figs, broccoli, kidney beans, okra, spinach and tofu are at the top of the list. Also, there are plenty of calcium supplements you can get at the drug store. Viactiv is the one I use.

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