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Returning To Exercising After an Illness or Injury

For a person who has experienced a prolonged illness or an injury, getting back into a fitness routine is not easy. Nevertheless, it is essential to refocus on physical activities to stay fit and healthy.

During the extended period of inactivity, the metabolic rate of your body slows down. The enzymes that are responsible for breaking down triglycerides start switching off. So start exercising in a modified capacity. It will help boost the metabolic rate of your body and gain lost muscle mass.

Here are a few tips by Fitness World Experts which you can refer to, to get back to exercising after an injury/illness:

1.††† Start with walking

Walking is a gentle form of movement that requires minimal effort. Start with 10 minutes of walking every day.You could also consider walking on a treadmill at a slower pace. Listen to your bodyís response and gradually increase your time. Studies depict that around 75 minutes of walking per week help improve fitness levels significantly.

2.††† Donít push too hard

If you have started doing aerobic exercises, avoid working out with the same intensity as you did before. Too rapid return can lead to other injuries like stress fractures and tendinitis. The fastest way to get back to the normal routine is to give your body the time it needs to heal and rebuild endurance.

3.††† Pay attention to nutrition

You must continue to maintain a healthy diet as you had throughout the recovery process. A larger portion of your diet should comprise of proteins, vegetables and fruits. Pay attention to hydration as well. Drink around 75 ounces of water every day. It will help regulate body temperature and lubricate your joints.

4.††† Set realistic expectations

Depending on the severity of the illness or injury, it might take a few weeks/months for you to perform exercise at your highest level. If an injury/illness has caused a permanent change, then make some permanent adjustments to your fitness routine. Understand that rolling back to exercise might take time.

To sum up, making a gradual comeback to an exercise routine is essential. However, before returning to any physical activity, seek the guidance of a therapist. He will understand the mechanism of your injury and suggest the safest exercises for you.

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