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Rotating Shift Work and Exercise

Question: I work in a 24x7 environment, 12 hour shifts. How does this affect my metabolism as far as burning more or less calories at a particular time or does it? I rotate 2 weeks of days followed by 2 weeks of nights, Do you have any advice on trying to regulate an irregular schedule? It is difficult to do anything at the same time every day as I could be asleep during the day one day and asleep at night two days later!! I also have gained about 30 lbs in the three years I've been working like this! very alarmed

Answer: Dear very alarmed, The main thing you can do is get on a regular schedule for each two week period - find the one time you are definitely able to work out, then change up when your work schedule changes. Consistency is the main thing. Your body's metabolism won't be adversely affected by working out at different times during the day.

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