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Running Stairs Workout

By Scott White

Running The Stadium Stairs

running up stairs and running down stairs at your local high school or college stadium is a great no-cost, outdoor workout. Your goal should be to sprint to the top of the stadium, then walk down the stairs. Remember, safety first! As soon as you get to the bottom, sprint back up to the top, and repeat.

Running Stairs Benefits

This extremely high-intensity cardio program will burn fat quickly and send your heart rate through the roof Sprinting the stairs is a common exercise for all levels of athletes, and who among us doesn't want the lean, muscular shape of an athlete?

So stop complaining about not being able to afford the fancy equipment. Go to the stadium and run your butt off! You'll get a tight, firm rear because you'll lose that fat from your behind - and everywhere else - as you burn the calories by running up those stairs.

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