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Starting Weight Training at Home

Question: I am on a high calorie diet to help me gain weight. I also need to start a strength training program but am a little embarrassed about going to a gym because I look terrible. Is there anything that I can do in my home to start me on my way? I could really use any suggestions you can give. Thank you Tired of being skinny...

Answer: Dear tired, There is an in-home workout page on this site, but in your situation, I would advise that you work out in a gym. There are plenty of skinny people working out in gyms. They are there for a reason -- the same reason you're there. Plus, many people in the gym aren't paying attention to anyone else but themselves, so don't worry. Going to the gym will be an exercise in self-confidence for you, just as it is for overweight people that go. Work with a trainer for at least 3 or 4 workouts to gain confidence that you're training correctly. Get him/her to tell you the reason for doing each exercise and how you should progress as your strength increases.

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