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Strength Training for Fat Loss

Strength train to burn more fat

One pound of fat requires 0 calories to maintain. One pound of non-active muscle requires about 30 calories to maintain. Therefore, the more lean tissue you have, the more calories it takes for you to exist. That doesn’t even include the calories you burn when you’re moving around. That’s just sitting there.

Staring at a computer screen.

For example:

Sheryl and Carla are 5’5" and each weighs 150 pounds. Sheryl has 110 pounds of lean tissue and 40 pounds of fat. Carla has 95 pounds of lean tissue and 55 pounds of fat. If Sheryl and Carla sit on the couch all day doing nothing at all, Sheryl burns approximately 450 more calories than Carla.

Sheryl’s muscle mass is burning away her fat! This is how building lean muscle tissue through strength training will help you lose fat.
When Carla begins a strength training program (similar to the one on this website you can do at home) her body will begin to fight the fat with the lean.

Carla can safely lose up to 2 pounds weekly and gain up to 1.5 pounds of lean tissue weekly, if…
If she watches what she eats
Does cardiovascular exercise 3 to 5 days per week
Does her strength training exercises 3 days per week
Remains consistent

Great pre-workout snacks:

½ turkey sandwich (chicken, tuna, egg salad…any protein)

½ nutrition bar

1 cup of protein-based shake

1 hard boiled egg and 1 piece of toast

½ - 1 piece of leftover thin crust pizza

½ apple mixed with 1/4 cottage cheese (2% fat)


½ orange and 1 oz. cheese

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