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Tae Bo Knee Pain

Question: I have been doing Taebo for 4 weeks now, 4 times a week. I am starting to develop a pain at the side of my left knee that seems to radiate down to my ankles and my arches are starting to ache. The pain at the side of my knee and ankles has been continuous, the pain on my arches only happens while I'm working out. Should I discontinue my workout until my knee has healed? What can I do to protect myself from further straining this area? Cynthia

Answer: Hi Cynthia, Taebo is too ballistic of an exercise for some people. If you're hurt, definitely don't do it. Stop exercising until your pain goes away. After recovery, pick up something with less impact and more controlled movements, like swimming with a kickboard. This will strengthen and balance the muscles in your legs like no other exercise and it's also non-impact. If you want to start up with Taebo again once you recover and strengthen your legs, try it only once a week to see if the pain returns. This will help determine if it was overtraining that was hurting you, or just the nature of the Taebo moves.

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