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Target Heart Rate Monitor Calculator

Question: I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a heart rate monitor and will probably do so in the near future. Does the monitor choose your heart rate min/max for you or do you need to do one of the calculations that you have talked about? The age calculation and the Max heart rate calculation seem to be the only two that I can figure out on my own. I did download the calculators but I still can't completely figure them out - maybe i need to go back to university! Carrie

Answer: Dear Carrie, One of the monitors offered by Polar, the Smart Beat, determines your heart rate max/min for you based on your heart rate for that day. It also calculates the calories burned for each workout, based on your individual variables. There is a page that explains the free download calculations in more detail in the Articles area, but some of them are quite complex and require advanced testing to be able to enter your personal information.

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