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The Answer to Weight Loss

Question: I live in Dubai, UAE. A year ago my doctor told me I was no longer allowed to take any form of caffeine, which I used to do regularly. I have managed to overcome the cravings now, however, my body seems worst off. I do not seem to have any energy, I seem to get tired after a 9 hour shift at work, when I used to be able to go out every night and party hard. My main upset is my body though, I used to be a wonderful size, nice toned and shaped legs. A small bottom which also was toned. I have managed to keep most of the fat off my stomach, but that still has put on a few pounds. I would ideally like to lose the fat of my highs and Bottom and to tone up my ads. I used to go to the gym 4 times a week after to work for about an hour and a half, and I used to eat mainly salads and jacket potatoes. Occasionally I would have a steak and chips or a curry and chips, but we are talking once every 2 weeks or so. Nothing seemed to help me in the gym, my arms got very toned and my stomachs resistance seemed to get stronger, but the fat did not shift. I have now started to notice that a lot of my clothes do not fit me due to the enlargement of my backside and my thighs, I have also developed a lot of cellulite, which is never good for a woman. I have been searching the internet now for about a week for fat reduction tablets and I am so confused I think I am going to cry. These are the ones that I have found, could you please give me some advice on them...... Fat Absorb Thermogenics Plus (silver sage) ECA Stack Trimspa Lipoflush I am not sure whether any of these will work or whether I am just wasting my own time. But this is beginning to really upset me as I have always had a great figure and people I know have started noticing that I have gained weight on my thighs and bum. PLEASE help me I am really in desperate need of someone's helpful advice. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Answer: It must feel lonely and helpless to be searching for an answer and coming up short. The thing is...it IS hard. Getting and staying in shape can be very difficult. But in my professional experience, I have seen people come from where you are, to figuring out how their body, their available time, and their physical and mental capabilities can work together to create a body that feels good to live in.

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