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Tired after Spinning Class

Question: Cool web site. Keep up your motivational help you will help save a life. Thanks for being part of my life through this web site. I am 54 years young male and am an avid spinner three times a week, along with strength training at least one day per week. I use a heart rate monitor and would not be without one. I spin at a rate of 150 bpm average to 165 for my high bpm. I feel good. My question is do you think I may be over going my spinning at times if I feel tired after the training? Dennis

Answer: Dennis, Good job on being consistent with your spinning. I know how fun it is to be in a good class. Unfortunately, it can draw you in so much that occasionally keeping your heart rate in a lower zone is very difficult because you're so revved up. This could be why you're feeling fatigue, because fatigue is one of the first signs of overtraining. Once a week, try taking a recovery class if your gym/facility offers one. If it doesn't, try a regular class every now and then (riding in the back row) at a lower rate -- 65%-75% of your max. Your age-based 65%-75% range would be 108-125 bpm. This will be very difficult for you at first, but it will allow you to continue to improve and avoid injury.

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