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Totally Confused about Dieting for Weight Loss

Question: You know I am so confused about all the nutrition now...one minute they are talking about no carbs...more calories. What is it that we really have to watch out for? Rebecca

Answer: Rebecca, I understand your confusion. Eating right doesn't have to be all that confusing. First of all, avoid any diet that demonizes any one food group (including carbs, sugar, fat). Don't eat meals that are all carbohydrates (like all fruit or all pasta meals), but to try to include protein and a little bit of fat every time you eat. The trick is to cut your servings back to the right size, to learn to know when you're not hungry any more and to stop eating at that time. My basic suggestions are: to include fiber in each meal, to drink plenty of water all through the day, to avoid refined sugars and white flour products (especially white breads and pasta), and to never skip breakfast. Read the rest of the questions below for more detail, as well as the nutrition articles on this website.

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