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Good Treadmill Workouts to Burn Fat

If your objective is fat-loss and you are looking for a good way to burn the most amount of fat, which speeds up your metabolism for 24 hours after you train, then you need to look at Fitness Warehouse . You have probably already heard of High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT, well that is the answer.

The process is simple and you can choose the amount of sets and reps that you do depending on the interval that you select. The intervals between the sprint and the job could be anything from 39 seconds or even ten seconds to a full out print for a whole 3 minutes. But that would be for someone who is already super-fit.

It is recommended that you warm-up either by walking or jogging for 5-10 minutes (make sure your muscles are adequately warm before sprinting or you may risk injury), then do 8 intervals sprinting for 30 seconds and recovering for 1:30 minutes.

One can always increase this challenge by sprinting for longer periods or decrease the recovery time, or even sprint faster during the interval. But be careful to not change all these factors at once. Only change one factor at a time and monitoring your progress.

When it comes to the tough HIIT workouts then you will soon discover that it is all about the intensity. A good example of the high intense workout is the following:

30 seconds sprinting (I do 12-14mph Ė but be careful)

30 seconds rest (resting on the treadmill, hop off)

Complete 5 rounds

All of this can be completed in literally 5 minutes but be sure to always warm up properly with some foam rolling/dynamic stretching. Be extra careful when running, or sprinting on a treadmill, because there are a lot of YouTube videos of people falling off of treadmills, so it does happen.

To make the workout more difficult, you can obvious do a number of different variations or rounds/sets. If you can do more than what is listed above then go for it but make sure you donít push yourself too hard when starting out the first time.

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