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Some of the uncanny side effects of exercise

Everybody knows the benefits of working out. You develop your endurance, health and overall health if you work out for more than 30 minutes a day.

You expect to get a little tired after a workout and you may have the odd niggling pain. This pain normally equates to over stimulating a certain area of your body. These are just some of the awkward nuances that accompany an active lifestyle.

However, the body is conduit for the weird and wonderful. Our anatomy is reactive and like any reaction, the outcome is un-predictable.

There are many un-predictable side effects that are induced by exercise.

Keep reading to learn about the weird and wonderful nuances of an active anatomy.

Exercise causes Nocturia

There is a diereutic phenomenon that has most probably happened to almost everybody. This is phenomenon is called ‘Nocturia’. This is when somebody wakes up during the middle of the nigh to urinate.

In 2014, a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, analysed 30,000 men with symptoms of ‘Nocturia’. The primary symptoms include an enlarged prostate. This is the main cause of consistent urination.

In turns out that the men who are physically active for one of more hours per week were 13% less likely to urinate in the middle of the night. 34% were no longer suffering from severe ‘Nocturia’. This is when someone urinates more than three times or more during the night.

Exercise causes Anaphylaxis

This is a common yet unpleasant side effect of physical exertion. ‘Anaphylaxis’ occurs when your body mast cells (your immune system tissue) releases histamine.  This compound is responsible for the swelling and itching that occurs during allergic reactions. 

Due to this, symptoms such as wheezing, unregulated respiration and nausea take a hold. There is certain food that exaggerates the effects of ‘Anaphylaxis’. These include shellfish, peanuts and celery because they support the released of histamine. These seemingly harmless snacks can trigger the effects of ‘Anaphylaxis’.

To avoid the side effects you should take an antihistamine. Then proceed to ease into your exercise. Make sure to engage in small amounts of exercise. From the on you will be able to build up your bodies tolerance and avoid any future episodes.

Exercise makes you thirsty for alcohol

This may sound strange but it is a common side effect of exercise. Researchers from North Western University found that some surprising data. It is not that people generally consume alcohol because they exercise. No, it is that people are more likely to drink on days that that are physically active.

The researchers found that people who are physically active from Thursday to Sunday are more likely to consume alcohol. Still, this relationship with fitness could be nullified by the fact that these days inhabit what people call the social weekend.

Therefore, is the relationship due to Self Reward? Confidence? Sociology?

Either way, researchers found that physical is synonymous with alcoholic consumption. Think about how many times you have exercised and not felt guilty of going on a night out or how many times you have had a drink to socialise with your team mates after a game. The causality is common because society has normalised the notion.

Exercise also repairs the damage that is made by alcohol.

A study published in 2013, called ‘Alcoholism: clinical and experimental research’, found that regular cardiovascular exercise can reverse the damage of alcohol. Who knew?

This happens because your heart rate prevents and repairs damaged white matter. White matter controls some important aspects of the brain including learning, cognition and overall communication. These properties that we take for granted are damaged during binging sessions.

However, cardiovascular exercise stimulates the regeneration of white matter. I wouldn’t drink your self into a paralytic state of vacant inhibition and proceed to run home. You may not be able to put your leg in front of the other.

It is true that everything is good for you in moderation.

Exercise improves your mood

This one is commonplace among blog articles. The secret is out and it has been for a while. Exercise is an antidepressant. A 2010 study published in ‘The Medicine & Science in sports and exercise found that the test subjects experienced fewer feelings of anger, anxiety, negativity and fatigue. 

This happens because exercise releases hormones that increase the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain. These hormones are called ‘Endorphins’ and they have properties that induce feelings of euphoria.

Exercise is a means to release endorphins. This means that exercise is a form of happiness.

Exercise boosts Brain Power

Neurologists have studied the relationship between physical activity and brain activity since neurology was conceived. The findings confirm that there is certainly a symbiotic relationship between the two.

A study found that was published in 2014 by Neurology found that young adults with a higher cardiovascular fitness level out performed their counterparts in a series of cognitive tests. These tests were given to adults who had exercised regularly as a child and adults that had not exercise regularly. The test was carried out 25 year prior to their childhood.

Furthermore, the reliable and consistent Journal of Strength and condition research study found that six weeks of agility training significantly improves the memory retention and attention span of the individual.

So if you are trying to balance the books and weights, it is in your best interests to do both. Before you know it you will be switching your gym top for a graduation gown.

These are just a few of the side effects that your internal body sustains during and after exercise. Some are unpleasant while others are beneficial. Some affect your body while other effect’s your mind. Some can even affect your social life.

Exercise is the power supply to your own personal super computer. Your body is a complex organism that works in perpetual motion. You can determine the output by your choice of input.

Next time you are thinking of calling it quits on a workout or fitness routine, remind yourself of the alternative benefits of exercise. There are too many to analyse in this article and too many to count on 4 hands never mind one.

This article was written by, Chris from Origym.

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