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Water Exercise and Heart Rate

Question: Hi, I do water aerobics I weighed close to 300 pounds and now weigh 240, I have 2 questions, one do you have to make adjustments to your heart rate target zones when you are in the water, are they different? Also I am ready to start strength training and I am not sure exactly where to begin. I have been doing water aerobics and walking only and want to branch out, what do you suggest I start with to vary my routine? Terry in NY

Answer: Terry in NY, Your heart rate is lower in the water for the same exertion because the water cools your body, but it's not different enough to need to make any adjustments. However, if you were swimming, the target zones fall about 10 beats per minute lower because you're in a supine position. Regarding strength training, starting out do 1 exercise per major muscle group (8-10 exercises overall) each time you work out. Do one set of 15 repetitions for each exercise. Your exercises should include chest, back, abs, lower back, butt, thighs, shoulders, triceps, and biceps. See the Articles section forstrength training exercises.

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