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What is Considered Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Question: I made a weight loss bet with a coworker for a date about two months from now. I cut out fast foods, increased green vegetables and fruits, and limited my calories, and joined a hiking club. It has been two months so far, and I have dropped 18 pounds, lowered my cholesterol 54 points and my LDL cholesterol 83 points. HDL is 59, total is 183. What are the dangers of low cholesterol and what number is that, and what's a good LDL/HDL ratio? Steve

Answer: Steve, Congratulations on excellent results. Make sure to keep up the great work when you've won your bet. I don't think there is any danger of having a low cholesterol count. The acceptable range for total cholesterol count is 140-240 with the HDL range being 35-75 and the LDL range being 100-130. The acceptable total cholesterol-to-HDL ratio should range between 3.5-4.5.

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