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What is the Best Way to Lose Weight

Question: I have some questions regarding my weight loss program. 1. What is the best way to lose weight -- cardiovascular activity, weight training, dieting? 2. Are selectorized machines better than free weights? Why? 3. What is the difference between a seated and a standing calf raise? Sincerely, Yoyo

Answer: Yoyo, 1. The best way to lose weight is a combination of all three. 2. It depends on your experience level and your personal needs. Machines are good because they support you in good form, whereas free weights are more variable -- you can easily change angles and sometimes smaller people have trouble on machines that are designed for the average body. Free weights are adjustable to your personal size. 3. The seated calf raise works the outer part of the calf muscle (along the side of your leg), while the standing calf raise works the gastrocnemius, which is the larger part of the back of your calf.

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