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What Muscle Groups to Train Together

Question: What muscle groups do you recommend training together? I am fit but want to achieve more definition and size. My training includes 5-7 days a week of cardio and 4 days a week of weight lifting. Thanks for any tips! Shelley

Answer: Hi Shelley, There are all kinds of variations, but I haven't found any combinations to be better than any others. I like to go with the basic routine of working upper body one day and lower the next, doing abs every day. For those who don't have as much time during the week, you can just do full body two to three times a week. You can mix up routines to keep it interesting. One weekly routine I see a lot is to work chest, upper back and biceps two days per week, thighs, hamstrings, lower back and calves two days per week, shoulders, triceps and abdominals two days per week, and one day of rest. Whichever routine works best for you and keeps you interested is the best one.

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