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5 Reasons Why
Women Gain Weight
Faster Than Men

Why Women Gain Weight Faster Than Men

It is a scientifically proven fact that women tend to gain weight faster compared to men. Unfortunately, they are the ones who are pressurized to look lean and beautiful. There are several biological reasons behind the faster weight gain among women. Some are discussed below:

1.     Less muscle and more fat

A woman’s body have less muscles and more fat compared to a man’s body. A fat cell uses about 1 calorie in an hour whereas a muscle cell uses almost 6 calories per hour. It indicates that the fat contained in a woman’s body uses less energy compared to the muscles of a man. As a result, the same diet can make a woman gain weight faster than a man.

2.     Slow metabolism rate

Men have a higher metabolism than women so they tend to burn up calories faster. It is one of the major reasons behind the quick weight gain of women.

3.     Early puberty

Research studies have proven that girls who attain menarche at a young age (11 and less than 11) have a tendency to gain weight fast. More than 26 percent of early maturers become obese by the age of 30, compared to only 15 percent of those who attained puberty late in their lives.

4.     Pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant, several hormonal changes occur in her body, which can lead to weight gain. For some, it is easier to lose weight after delivery whereas some need to stick to a strict fitness routine for getting back in shape.

5.     Menopause

During menopause, the estrogen levels in a woman’s body gets reduced. As a result, she puts on weight.

We hope this article gives you a clear idea of why women have a tendency to gain weight faster than men. For reading more fitness related articles, follow Fitness World’s blog http://www.fitness-world.in/fitness- blog/

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