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Workout Routines with Little Time

Question: I am a 31-year-old woman and I have my own business. I find that I do not have an hour's stretch of time to do a workout to keep in shape, not to mention I haven't found anything I can really stick to without becoming bored with it. Is there any way I can split up my routine into different sessions during the day and do you have any suggestions for the aerobic part of the workout? Cheryl

Answer: Cheryl, A full hour isn't necessary. Increase the intensity during the time you spend and you can get a pretty good workout within 20 to 30 minutes. Mini-workouts are valuable in increasing your general activity level, but it's the longer sessions (over 20 minutes), keeping your heart rate elevated, that will really increase your heart's strength and its capacity to burn fat. You can get a great full-body weights workout in just 15 minutes, and for the aerobic part of the workout, you can stair-climb in your office building, power walk during lunch, and run errands by foot instead of in your car. On weekends, when you have time for longer workouts, try hiking or swimming. Variety will keep you from becoming bored with your workouts, and you may even find something you love to do.

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